In India, hospitality is almost a religion.  
Expect a divine experience.

If we had to summarise what we do in a couple of sentences, it would be this.

From the moment our guests step out of customs and immigration, until we help them load their baggage trolleys on their way back home, we take care of every little detail. Every element of our network works towards giving them a trip of a lifetime.


Luxurious and historic palaces, forts and castles, hunting lodges, tented camps with all mod cons, spacious Raj-era bungalows, private saloons in trains, and, yes, a complete range of deluxe and first class hotels. Our range of accommodation is not just comprehensive, it is carefully selected and constantly monitored to make sure we can satisfy the most discerning traveller.


The subcontinent is a large place with a bewildering number of ways to get from Point A to Point B. Starting with “greeting and meeting” services, we go on to fix itineraries and modes of transportation that optimise the use of our customers’ time without compromising on luxury or their experience of the land.

Our menu includes both scheduled and chartered flights and helicopters, super-fast air-conditioned trains from major nodes, deluxe air-conditioned motor coaches, chauffeured private cars as per client preference, with four-wheel drive vehicles in rough terrain. Our strict policy on the vehicles we use is that they should be under a year old, so you can be sure of performance and comfort.


India’s wide range of cuisines is gaining a following all over the world. Our guests get to sample the very best that’s on offer, from little-known local specialities to internationally famous dishes. Or, if you prefer, there’s a range of very high quality international cuisine as well. And we’re not talking just restaurants and in-venue dining; we also arrange royal feasts in maharajas’ dining halls, gala theme dinners, restful picnics in the midst of nature’s splendour, anything, anywhere.

Special Services

We’d also be delighted to make special arrangements for our guests. Aside from business needs, like meetings and conferences, we can also lay on private dance and music performances, theme parties, special dinners at private homes, expert guides in niche areas for special interest travellers, and personalised shopping services, including expert assistance in the purchase of local handicrafts and jewellery, even custom-tailored clothes.

Is there something we haven’t covered? Just let us know, and we’ll be happy to widen our repertoire.