Favorite holiday destination for leisure: Jaisalmer - where both the sunrise and sunset are as pure as 24 carat glittering gold.

Favorite holiday destination for culture: Varanasi - A center for heritage and learning. Evening Aarti at the bank of the Ganga, the early morning sunrise , the Sadhus, and million things to mesmerise our soul.

Favorite holiday destination for gastronomy: Bihar - The rich aroma that arises out of every household kitchen in that region, specially when they cook litti chokha (wheat balls with vegetables), and daal poori (deep fried Indian bread with lentils).

Favorite holiday destination for nature: Whole of the North Eastern India. Hills, Forests and Indigenous communities whose lifestyle is so close to mother nature.

Favorite music: Celtic and Instrumental.

Favorite book/s: I rely more on experiences rather than on books.

Favorite drink: Wine, but nothing is above Nimbu-Paani (Lemonade)

Favorite dish: Hard to choose between million Indian dishes, but anything with lots of sugar and jaggery.

If I were to be reborn I would: Love to be born as a Whale somewhere deep in the ocean. Eat, drink, live, sleep and play in the water all the time.

I often dream of: White Water Rafting in Teesta River, the lifeline of Sikkim. I love the sound of the rapids.

Insider tips: To truly enjoy India include at least one homestay in your itinerary. This way you'll not just get the real taste of local food but also the culture and history of India.