Our secret to winning over the incentives traveller?
Better incentives!

Incentive Travel—itineraries designed for companies to stimulate, motivate or reward their employees—is a challenging business to be in.

India is a very attractive choice for the Incentive Tour planner: just less than nine hours away from Europe by air; an opportunity-filled booming economy in a secular democracy; millennia of culture; a vast array of terrains, climates, wildlife, cuisines; a thriving hospitality industry in a country that gives guests an almost-divine status; to say nothing of an educated, upwardly-mobile, English-speaking middle-class.

And we have created a place for ourselves right in the middle of all this.

Our offerings are custom-fitted to the requirements of incentive tour specialists from around the world. We take their briefs, and then go beyond, coming up with unique plans for each one, with original ideas and special events created exclusively for each group, with intricate planning that starts with memorable welcomes at each destination, going all the way to carefully chosen keepsakes and post-trip follow-up.

The special plans we have created for them include fairytale gala evenings in heritage palaces and forts, camel and horse safaris, luxury tents in the desert, theme evenings in stunning natural and man-made locations, entertainment programmes showcasing the long and unbroken traditions of Indian music and dance, demonstration by master chefs of the secrets of the many delightful, unique regional cuisines... we could carry on, but we’d rather hear what you want, and take it from there.


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