Distant Frontiers product line, Explore features 'out of the ordinary tours for everyone,' giving individuals and small groups an authentic and sustainable travel experience. Travellers will experience the great outdoors, local customs and charming hospitality, flavourful traditional cooking, stimulating art and music and intriguing architecture in a unique yet easily accessible manner. Driving this initiative at Distant Frontiers is its Destination Knowledge Centre which travels all over the Indian subcontinent in search of compelling stories to inspire destination travel and to ensure that your clients are in the know.

Distant Frontiers’ Destination Knowledge Centre realises that no matter how good or wise we are, locals always know the best kept secrets that will bring long-term success to a particular destination. So it has been and will be our constant endeavour to listen to locals, initiate partnerships, engage them and determine mutually beneficial alignments. We have made several friends in the process, the very best in what they do; ready to help your clients absorb the destination like a local. Our friends love their mythology, history and folklore and brilliantly weave them into their narratives, the end result being a true local experience.

Come Explore with us.


Lovleen Sagar

Lovleen Sagar is our conscience keeper. She keeps us on track and from wandering off...


Inderjeet Rathod

Inderjeet Rathod stiches all our findings together into beautiful itineraries, prepare reference documents...


Tejashri Simha

Tejashri is our explorer based in Bangalore. She travels across South of India...


Jean Noel Esteve

Jean Noel Esteve travels all over the Indian sub-continent to keep us abreast of the latest...


Urvashi Walia

Urvashi Walia maintains our Digital Photo Library and assists the team with content writing...


Kuntil Baruwa

Kuntil Baruwa travels all over the Indian sub-continent to make friends with locals and use their recommendations...


Saurabh Rai

Saurabh Rai is the in-house Video Editor. He assists our Explorer Kuntil in driving our audio-visual initiative...