Sri Lankan cuisine has some similarity to South Indian food yet has a distinct taste of its own.

Coconuts and fish are two of the most influential components of Sri Lankan cuisine. Fish is made into curries and coconut in some form or another, is a dominant ingredient in cooking.

Sri Lankan food offers a vivid array of flavor combinations: sweet caramelized onion relishes, bitter melon, spicy scraped coconut, and the burn of curry tamed by mild rice, and palm sugar sweetened desserts.

A meal in Sri Lanka is called “rice and curry”—a term that’s almost synonymous with food in general.

Desserts are usually served as part of main meals in Sri Lanka. Aluwa is a popular dessert in Sri Lanka, it is made out of rice flour, sugar, milk, butter, spices (cardamom and cloves). Another popular dessert is Watalappam, made out of Coconut milk, jaggery, eggs, spices (cardamom and cloves), it is usually served at weddings. There is so much more to relish in Sri Lanka.