Nepalese food is as varied as the country itself, with every region having its own specialities. The cultural diversity of Nepal has provided an ample space for the growth of a number of cuisines based on the ethnic groups and the geographical features of the nation. Hence, Nepalese cuisine encompasses a whole array of different cuisines rather than one single type of cuisine. Dal bhat– lentil soup served over boiled rice — is a staple dish of Nepal.

Snacks commonly eaten outside mealtimes include popped or parched corn, “chiura” (beaten rice), “samosa” (turnovers stuffed with meat or vegetables), biscuits (packaged cookies) and Indian-style sweets.

Beverages include – tea usually taken with milk and sugar, “jard” (homemade beer made from rice), “sarbat” (juice of sugar cane), “raksi” (spirits made in rustic distilleries). At higher elevations “chang” (millet beer).